AxualKafka KAFKA Meetup Utrecht Update #4
Kafka Meetup Utrecht Axual

KAFKA Meetup Utrecht Update #4

Last week, Axual organized another Kafka meetup, hosted by Rabobank. We were delighted to have 3 speakers with very interesting topics with great variety.

Joris Borgdorff of The Hyve kicked off with a talk about gathering and processing data of wearables, for scientific purposes, as part of the Radar-CNSproject. He gave us an insight on all the challenges you face when you want to gather data from patients, both from a physiological and technical perspective. A complete architectural overview of the setup was discussed with the audience.

Next, Simon Leigh from Couchbase gave us an introduction to Couchbase, a NoSQL data platform. He gave us a peek under the hood, and showed how you can use Kafka Connect to stream data to or from Couchbase to Kafka for real time data processing or storing them for offline analysis using another connector.

Lastly, our own Jeroen van Disseldorp talked about the distributor: a cross datacenter replication solution that was developed by Axual, based on Kafka Connect. He covered all the practical things that you need to take care of when you want to deploy an active-active Kafka cluster for your organization. Also, he showed how the distributor is designed to simplify setting up replication for additional clusters, both on premise or in the cloud.

The next meetup will be organized in the first week of June. Check out and join our Kafka Meetup Utrecht to keep posted.